OPW Kamlok Dry connect couplings

Dry Connect Couplings Perfect for Quality, Safety, and Ease of Use.

Swivel Joints stocks a comprehensive line of products Kamlok couplings or kamlok couplers, OPW quick disconnects, or any other quick disconnect fittings. We also have a wide assortment of couplers and adaptors including double and reducing couplers, spool adaptors, ANSI flanged coupler and adaptors, and schedule 40 socket weld and butt weld couplers and adaptors in a wide variety of sizes. Keep Reading

OPW’s New High-Flow Loop System

OPW Retail Fueling announces its new High-Flow Loop System. OPW's High-Flow Loop System is an extension of their FlexWorks Loop System, which is a new pre-fabricated, “plug-and-play” fueling system for retail fueling sites. Keep Reading

What Makes Swivel Joints Vital Components of Industrial Machinery

Swivel joints are critical to the smooth running of industrial machinery. No matter how advanced your machinery is, it can malfunction if the elements of the machine are unable to move. This is where Swivel Joints come in. They elongate the machinery's life span, thus minimizing downtime and lowering maintenance costs. Keep Reading

Understanding The Mechanics of a Water Hose Reel

Water Hose Reels are essential components in industrial cleaning applications given as to how they're the best choice when it comes to high-pressure washes. Management and storage of this machine are relatively more straightforward than any other industrial cleaning appliance, which makes this a top pick by companies everywhere. Keep Reading

A Guide to Selecting the Best Air Hose Reel

Qualities of the best air hose reel include PVC, hybrid polymer, rubber, polyethylene, and has a retractable feature. Keep Reading

4 Reasons Why Hose Reels Are Essential In Petroleum and Gas Handling

A hose reel is essential to petroleum and gas handling. This is because it provides easy handling and you don't have to worry about detangling the hose, cleaning, swapping, or placing the hose somewhere. Keep Reading
Tank Car Loading chemical Leak

Tank Car Loading and Unloading Best Practices

By following these guidelines for the proper securement of tank cars, shippers and receivers of hazardous materials can help reduce NARs (Non-Accident Releases) Keep Reading

The Changing Face of Loading Technology

Shifting to expanded automated technologies can make all the impact on personnel safety and your company's bottom line, especially when in terms of loading systems in place. All it takes are optimizing your equipment. Keep Reading

The 43 Degrees of Liquid Sulfur

Handling sulfur can be tricky. More so if it is liquid sulfur, the liquid version has a lot more risk since it needs to be kept in a specific temperature range. The proper tools like a loading arm are needed to keep this chemical safe for workers handling the transfers. Keep Reading