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Use these charts to check chemical compatability with your swivel joint metal and seal materials.

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A = Recommended
C = Moderate to Sever
B = Minor to Moderate Effect
* = Insufficient Data
U = Unsatisfactory
Blank = No Data
 AluminumBronzeDuctile IronCarbon Steel316 StainlessBunaViton™Teflon™EPTNeopreneNitrileEPDMFluorosiliconeDelrinRyton
Ucon Hydrolube J-4     A  ABAAB  
Ucon Lubricant LB-65     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant LB-135     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant LB-285     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant LB-300     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant LB-625     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant LB-1145     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant 50-HB-55     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant 50-HB-100     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant 50-HB-260     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant 50-HB-660     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Lubricant 50-HB-5100     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Oil LB-385     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Oil LB-400X     A  AAAAA  
Ucon Oil 50-HB-280X
(Polyacrylon Glycol Deriv.)
     A  AAAAA  
Univis 40 (Hydr. Fluid)     A  UBAUA  
Univolt #35 (Mineral Oil)     A  UBAUA  
Unsymmetrical Dimethyl
Hydrazine (UDMH)
     B  ABBAU  
Uran-Poly-NUUAAAAAA* A*  A
Urea FormaldehydeUUAAAAAA* A*  A