Truck Loading Arms

truck loading armsWe carry only top of the line OPW truck loading arms for our customers. OPW Engineered Systems custom-designs and manufactures truck loading arms for specialized applications. With their extensive experience it’s likely their engineers have already solved most situations you may encounter. However, with the many varying factors that impact fluid dynamics, there are no hard-and-fast rules for determining exactly what type of loader must be used in each installation. Personal preference, operating experience and methods, safety requirements and local customs all warrant consideration.

When needing truck loading arms designed for your unique application, the following things are taken into consideration:

•    Temperature and pressure of liquid product to be handled
•    Type of tank or container that will be used
•    Flow rate
•    Adequate capacity without excessive pressure drop
•    Physical facility dimensions and limitations
•    Adequate horizontal and vertical range
•    Ease of operation
•    Ease of maintenance
•    Special requirements
•    Cost of design and manufacturing

Within the limits of design and functionality, nothing is too special. As industries have become more aware and responsive to environmental issues, loading systems offer a sound solution to the extremely critical process of transferring hazardous products from bulk storage tanks to rail or road vehicles.

All units can be factory pre-assembled and tested, and all OPW Engineered Systems products are built to the highest quality standards.

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