Swivel Joint Ordering is Quick and Easy

swivel joint
We have an online configuration tool on our website that will make selecting the correct swivel joint for your application quick and easy. If you have a part number it’s even easier! There is a guide that gives metal, style, size, and seal for each part so you can double check to be sure you’re ordering the correct part. You’ll find the perfect swivel joint needed for your application.

A ball swivel joint from Swivel Joints features combinations of five metals and five seal materials to meet most material handling requirements. The can also be custom designed to conform to your special specifications.

Mounting a swivel joint at the end of a hose eliminates kinking and twisting plus reduces hose wear. When they are fitted to metal frameworks and attached to hoses, the hose can be guided along and kept from kinking, denting or scratching tanks, trucks, and other equipment.

In the industries of petroleum, chemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, and more there are hundreds of applications requiring the use of swivel joints. These piping components rotate 360 degrees and permit the use of rigid metal piping for loading and unloading hazardous chemicals, petroleum, and other materials without the danger of cumbersome hoses.

We pride ourselves in our competitive prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service. If you need help when ordering just give us a call at 1-866-761-7225 and your questions will be answered.

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