What Are Rotary Unions?

A mechanism used to transfer fluid (under pressure or vacuum) from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet, preserving and isolating the fluid connection is known as a rotary union or swivel joint. Rotary unions are designed to tolerate a large range of temperatures and pressure for an assortment of environments and conditions. In addition, they may integrate multiple independent flow connections while handling different types of media.

rotary unionsRotary unions function by attaching to an input and connecting onto another mechanism while allowing a moving connection to be preserved. They are utilized in a variety of applications; from compact unions for the semiconductor industry to large, rugged-duty fluid swivels for industrial applications. Additionally, a variety of materials, sealing technology, and bearing types can be incorporated for usage as well.




A rotary union comes in many different styles and types offering the following features:

High pressure
High flow volume
SAE Connections
Large flow passages
CIP compatible
Single passage
Tri-Clamp connections
Low Torque Seals
Compact designs
Lightweight construction
General purpose
Stainless steel

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