High Quality OPW Swivels Last

When you’re looking for swivels for an application you want to be sure to use a high quality part that will function for years to come so be sure to stick with OPW swivels. OPW provides a complete line of conventional and vapor-recovery hose swivels and breakaways for just about any requirement. Swivel products include single plane, multi-plane, swivel breakaways, single-use and reconnectable breakaways along with swivels and breakaways specifically designed for use with alternative fuel applications.

OPW swivelsSingle-plane swivels provide 360 degree swivel action. Designed for use with fuel oil nozzles, the full-circle swivel reduces physical strain of aligning a nozzle with a fill pipe.

OPW swivelsMulti-plane swivels, with 360 degree and 270 degree planes of rotation, permits fueling from virtually any direction while helping reduce hose wear. Their compact, attractive profile combines with proven factory assembly and testing to promote a long lasting, reliable service life.

OPW 66SB Swivel Breakaway is intended for easy installation at the nozzle inlet.  The compact, lightweight design incorporates a 360° swivel rotation at both the male end and middle joint, with a simple and easily reconnectable breakaway on the opposite end.

OPW swivelsOPW alternative fuel swivels and breakaways utilize the same high quality designs and test standards of our other quality OPW products to ensure reliability, durability, and long service life. These swivels are specifically designed for use with E85 and E100 fuel blends.

For more than 60 years, OPW has provided innovative solutions to some of the most challenging liquid handling applications. They are the leaders in their field. You can count on OPW swivels to be high quality products to fit any of your applications.

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