OPW Swivel Joints Offer Versatility

OPW Engineered Systems is a leading manufacturer of systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials. They manufacture swivel joints for a broad range of uses in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, ink and paint industries, as well as farm irrigation and fertilizing. Design, plant and maintenance engineers frequently use the OPW swivel in flexible piping systems, loading arms, hose reels, sewer rodding and wastewater treatment equipment, as well as various types of process machinery. They also use the OPW swivel in machine tool coolant transfers, drum filling applications, and in a variety of in-plant fluid and dry bulk transfer applications.

OPW swivelVersatility is the key to OPW swivel joints. The industry standard for more than 70 years, OPW Engineered Systems 3000 Series Swivel Joints are available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles to meet virtually any application. These joints make it possible to use rigid metal piping for loading and unloading fluids and dry product under pressure or vacuum without the difficulty or danger of handling heavy, cumbersome hoses.

OPW swivelThe latest swivel joint released by OPW Engineered Systems is the 8000 Series Endura™ Dual Split Flange (DSF) swivel joint. It represents the best in swivel technology. It’s specifically designed for the transfer of hazardous materials such as acids, solvents, petrochemicals and other toxic fluids, Endura™ sets the standard in loading arm swivel performance.

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