Most Popular Kamvalok Fittings

Kamvalok fittingsThe Kamvalok fittings we stock are one of the most popular cam-and-groove couplers in the industry. These fittings have an exclusive twin-kam arm design that features a unique detent position and a built-in valve with a spring-loaded poppet that automatically closes when disconnected for the prevention of accidental release and spills. You’ll reduce the hazards involved in the connection/disconnection process of transferring hazardous materials when you use reliable fittings such as these.

At we offer you most excellent customer service and very fast delivery on any parts and supplies you order from us. If you are in need of Kamvalok fittings and need assistance when placing your order, you can call our toll-free customer service number at1-866-761-7225 and we promise you  all of your questions will be answered to your satisfaction. Make a responsible choice. Use these fittings to help implement environmental guidelines by keeping toxic or hazardous chemicals in line.

Unsure of the correct Kamvalok fittings you need for your application? Check out the large variety of fittings we have available on our web site. We have an online configuration tool to make selecting the correct fitting easy. The part number guide lists size, style, metal, and seal for each part we have enabling you to double check that you are ordering the right part. Contact us at any time if you require specifications or more information.

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