Kamvalok Coupling Prevents Spillage

You’ve probably heard of the Kamvalok coupling that is made by OPW and is the standard of the industry. It’s a popular product that we sell a lot of due to its reliable performance. This type of coupling is often in use around liquid transfer stations to prevent against any sort of product loss that may or may not create a hazardous situation. You can count on a Kamvalok coupling to provide you with a reliable and dependable solution to the risk of disastrous spillage during both connection and the disconnection processes. Because of its unique poppet action this type of coupling further eliminates spillage of any residual liquid contained within the line after disconnection.

Kamlok couplingOur customers know to use these couplings at transfer points where product loss is unacceptable. The most common applications are during the manufacturing or transport of paint, adhesives, lacquers, inks, liquid soaps, fatty acids, pharmaceuticals, and a large range of other liquid products. The couplings are additionally appropriately suited for handling petroleum products, solvents, chemicals used in agriculture, vegetable oils, detergents and many acids and caustics. If you ever have a question about whether or not these couplings are safe enough to use with your product, just give our customer service department a call at 866-761-7225.

Some of the benefits of using a Kamlok coupling:

~ Ease of Use – The simple connection and disconnection design and lever actuated internal poppet configuration makes this the first choice for liquid transfer operations.
~ Spill Protection – Helps to reduce the hazards involved in the connection/disconnection process of transferring hazardous materials.
~ Dual Protection – OPW Kamvaloks® provide automatic closure from both directions – the coupler and the adaptor.
~ Provides For Total Closed-Loop Loading Capabilities – When used with the OPW 2173N Vapor Recovery Dry Disconnect coupling protects people and property from dangerous and potentially costly exposure by keeping hazardous liquids and vapors in-line and out of the environment.

Kamvalok couplingIf you’re not sure about the correct coupling you need for your application check out the variety of couplers available on our site. Be sure to use our online configuration tool to make selecting the correct part easier. The part number guide gives metal, style, size, and seal for each part we stock so you’ll be able to double check that what you are ordering is the right match. Again, just call us if you require more specifications or information regarding the couplings we have available.

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