Where to Find the Kamvalok Coupler

The industries favorite cam-and-groove coupler without a doubt is the Kamvalok coupler. It has a built-in valve and a spring-loaded poppet that automatically closes when disconnected. It will assist you in stopping dangerous and costly fluid loss from both regular and accidental disconnects even on the occasion that the valve is left in the open position. The simple connection and disconnection design and lever actuated internal poppet configuration makes this the first choice for liquid transfer operations.

Kamvalok couplerYou’ll reduce the hazards involved in the connection/disconnection process of transferring hazardous materials with these fittings therefore making your worksite and employees safer.

There are different types of shaft couplers. Each of the various types has its own specific application.

Rigid couplers. For use when there are requirements for the precise shaft alignment. There are variations of this coupler such as the flange coupler and the muff coupler.

Torque limiting couplers. Like the name states, thesse couplers will protect systems against conditions of over torque.

Flexible couplers. Useful in connecting a driving shaft or flange element to an adjacent in-line driven member. It flexes enough while rotating to accommodate, within limits, undesirable effects caused by axial misalignment, shaft end movement, and vibration between connected members. This kind of coupler can also be further divided into many other types (disc coupler, universal coupler, jaw coupler, bellows coupler, and gear coupler.

At Swivel Joints we stock not only the Kamvalok coupler but also a large assortment of Kamvalok couplings, a dry disconnect which helps eliminate dripping before, during, and after loading, as well as Dry Lok couplers, the closest dry disconnect on the market.

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