Kamvalok Coupler Transport Series

We carry a full range of connections, including quick disconnect couplings and dry disconnect couplings, that will surely meet your application needs. When you choose a Kamvalok coupler you’re choosing quality workmanship and guaranteed performance. The Kamvalok coupler can be counted on to reduce the hazards involved in transference of hazardous materials.

Kamvalok couplerThe Kamvalok Transportation Coupler, shown here, is part of the transport series of couplers that we carry. These are considered the standard in the industry for use on multi-compartment petroleum, chemical and solvent product delivery trucks using an on-board pumping unit.

Benefits of this transportation coupler include:
Ease of Use – The design and lever actuated internal poppet configuration provides easy connection and disconnection during liquid transfer operations.
Spill Protection – Reduces the likelihood of spills during the connection and disconnection process when transferring materials.
Environmental Protection – When used with the Vapor Recovery Dry Disconnect Coupling the people and property are protected from exposure by keeping hazardous liquids and vapors in-line.
Autolok Locking Arms – This automatic locking mechanism provides added protection when using couplers.
Dual Protection – Kamvaloks provide automatic closure from two directions – the coupler and the adaptor.

You can be assured that the transportation coupler is manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards of design, materials and construction. .

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