Couplers Keep Fluid and Dry Transfers Safer

The couplers we carry are considered standard in the industry. Whether you’re in need of quick couplers or dry disconnect couplers we have a range that is sure to fit your needs. Couplers are used to connect hoses and pipes together at transfer points where product loss could occur. They provide a reliable solution to spillage prevention during connect and disconnect processes.

couplersAt Swivel Joints we stock an assortment of Dry Lok couplers, the closest dry disconnect on the market that features low pressure drops and a very tight seal, allowing virtually no spillage. We also carry Kamlok couplings, a dry disconnect which helps eliminate dripping before, during, and after loading.

The Drylok™ coupler is designed to transfer hazardous corrosive, volatile liquids such as acids, solvents and petrochemicals safely. An interlocking handle averts accidental spills by preventing uncoupling while the valve is open and the unit’s flat face minimizes fluid loss. This coupler is ideal when transferring any kind of hazardous fluids where product loss is a problem, such as high-pressure lines, high flow rates, slurries, and gases.

The Kamlok couplers are designed and manufactured with 316 stainless steel and gasket materials to endure the harshest environments. Exclusive features, such as Twin-Kam™ arms with special detent to secure arms in position and help prevent accidental uncoupling. Cam and groove design means smooth coupling and uncoupling, while the patented Spring-Ring™ feature ensures that the finger rings do not get trapped under the coupling arms. Built to the highest quality standards with special ease-of-use design features at the price point of other standard cam and groove couplers makes Kamloks the best overall value in the industry.


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